Drycargo - Chartering

We are specialised in arranging the worldwide seaborne transportation of any dry bulk shipments/projects with today's emphasis on fertilisers, grains, steels and project shipments, which are being handled both on voyage-/and timecharter, in all sizes ranging from coaster upto panamax shipments.

Anything from "prefix" to "postfix"

Our goal is to reach beyond the ordinary work of a chartering broker, wherefore the scope of service for our clients includes anything from prefix to postfix, i.e. from tailor-made freight research to negotiating and fixing vessels for and on behalf of our clients, establishing Charter-Parties based on their specific trade respectively purchase-/and sale-terms and finally handling of all operational matters throughout the performance of each individual contract, including but not limited to laytime calculations and final accounting.

Based on our market intelligence we will be able to guide you on all possible freight requests for your specific enquiry, which will be handled in strictest confidentiality. If and when required, we supply freight-cover for our clients to support their 'ventures' with the aim to further limit their trading exposure.

On account of our long-established relationships to many shipowners and shipbrokers worldwide we can ensure competetive chartering service and close upto-date market information.

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